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on City Buzz

CityBuzz and Thomas Farley, Night Life Insider, get down with Broadway Bodies! Now playing on NYC bound JetBlue flights and in NYC hotels.

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Broadway Bodies on TV

Broadway Bodies was just featured on ABC News and PIX Morning Show, and on featuring How to Dance Like Michael Jackson.

Below are some links to some recent press that you definitely want to watch, read and share with friends. See our interviews and some fun dances. These can also be found on YouTube under the account 'bwaybods'

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ABC Eyewitness News

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PIX Channel 11 Morning Show

» PIX Segment on A Chorus Line

» PIX Segment working out to Grease

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Rommel teaches 'How to Dance Like Michael Jackson' on an how-to-show.

» How to Dance like Michael Jackson Video

Vital Juice Daily

Vital Juice's NY editor decided to brave Broadway Bodies after hearing that it truly is beginner-friendly.

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Yelp Reviews

Read our reviews or leave one of your own.

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New York Times

Beyonce's Dance Moves Draw Fans to a New Workout Class

The bubbly beat of Beyonce's "Blow" began playing, and the dancers gyrated their hips to the chorus ("Can you eat my Skittles/That's the sweetest in the middle"), thrusting their buttocks out in a twerklike motion and using a chair as a prop.

"It's really like the most fun you could possibly have on a Monday night," said Tanya Taylor, 28, a fashion designer in Manhattan who was trying to master Beyonce's every move, from the hair flinging and lip licking, to the booty shaking and body rolling.

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TimeOut Magazine

Time Out Magazine, Issue 704

New York Post, Sightings


FOUR Seasons co-owner Julian Niccolini and Silvano Marchetto smoking cigars outside of Da Silvano . . . BEYONCÌ Knowles and Kelly Rowland gossiping while getting their eyebrows shaped at the Damone Roberts Salon on Fifth Avenue . . . MO Rocca learning the 'Single Ladies' dance in a group class at West 26th Street dance studio Broadway Bodies. . . ICE T and wife Coco T having dinner at Scuderia with Fabrizio Sotti. POP VIDEO QUIZ: Take the Celebrity Challenge

Dreamgirls, Step-Up!

Dance 3, Looks 10
Dreamgirls, Step Up

Do not even try to tell us you aren't a big screaming showgirl. Sure, she may be hidden beneath a demure veneer of well-dressed, well-heeled businessman. But when the lights go low and the bedroom door snaps closed - oh my god, oh my god you guys - she sure knows all the words to Broadway's Legally Blonde!

What good is singing alone in your room? You've got the lyrics, you've got the secret love, now dance it out!

Let Liza loose with Broadway Bodies, the dance class created for showtune lovers. Each week, choreographer/lead instructor Stephen Brotebeck teaches a dance workout combination based around one singular sensational showtune!

Did you dream this dream in time gone by? Not to worry, old man river. These classes are for beginners and above. So you may not be sixteen going on seventeen, but the heat's still on in Saigon. Defy gravity with a high-flying chasse! You can't stop the beat!

Broadway Bodies - it's the impossible dream, fulfilled!